What is BRoyal coin ?

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BRoyal coin is cryptocurrnecy developed by BGroup. BRoyal Coin was created for the company’s equalization and BRoyal ecosystems

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BRoyal coin is cryptocurrnecy developed by BGroup. BRoyal Coin was created for the company’s equalization and BRoyal ecosystems



Established in 2006 in Qatar, BGroup started as a small company with many difficulties in terms of capital, experience and market… After more than 12 years of continuous development, we have made a breakthrough to become a large group with 9 member corporations. Our main products are cement, transportation, thermoelectricity… which give us profit of up to tens of millions USD each month. Wishing to expand our markets, we have come up with a decision to build an ecosystem, where there is a 5-star resort with amenities such as villas, resorts, amusement parks, casino. Especially, we apply Blockchain technology into every aspect to solve the problems of data managing, like lacking of transparency, securing and archiving data. We by that way offer you a perfect ecosystem, which we call BRoyal — Paradise for everyone

After receiving huge investment from Angel Investors, we realized that what we need is a community. A community of quality is essential to the success of a project and its subsequent development. Nowadays, huge groups pay millions of USD everyday for marketing and broadcasting in order to create a big community for themselves. However, the quality of the community is always a problem. Knowing this, instead of trying to create a large community, we aim for a strong community where all participants will benefit from us. Instead of paying millions of USD every month for Facebook, Google… we want to give it to our community who trust us and are willing to be a part of us.

BRoyal Ecosystem


BRoyal Coin

To make equitization easier, make a profit for the community, BGroup has decided to release Broyal coin.

BRoyal coin was born to serve the BRoyal ecosystem with extremely special gifts for the owner.

For those who own and use BRoyal coin, in addition to being able to use it for the entire BRoyal ecosystem and receiving a lot of advantages, they also have an opportunity to become a shareholder in our company with the number of shares corresponding to the amount of coin they hold.


- Website: https://broyal.network/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/broyal.official
Twitter: @broyalsupport
- Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/b-royal-424a0016a/

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