Thiết bị vệ sinh băng chuyền BM127A25 Vandergraaf việt nam

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10:46 - 10/04/0

Lê Huy Lâm ( Mr )

[Sales engineer]

[Cellphone]: 0915.493.164 – 0915.031.817


[Zalo]: 0163.2844.226

 Nhà phân phối Vandergraaf tại việt nam EXTREME-DUTY DRUM MOTOR

The extreme-duty series drum motors are designed for applications requiring high torque gear reducers and electric motors up to 300 HP. These rugged drum motors features mechanical seals and VPI electric motor windings that address abrasive and high vibrations encountered in aggregate industries operating under harsh and dusty environments.


Designed and built for the harshest, most demanding applications
Mining-grade, advanced sealing system
Significantly lower operating costs
Increased operator safety – no belts or chains to guard

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