Thiết bị module truyền thông KL2622 Beckhoff - The KL2622 Output Terminal Beckhoff Vietnam

Linh ChiLinh Chi

14:51 - 08/11/0

Mô đun truyền thông KL2622 Beckhoff - Đại lý phân phối Beckhoff tại Việt Nam

The KL2622 output terminal has two relays, each with a single contact, and can be used to switch devices requiring mains power and operating at up to 230 V AC. The relay contacts of the KL2622 are potential-free and not connected to the power contacts.

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Technical dataKL2622 | KS2622
ApprovalsCE, UL, Ex, GL
Bit width in the process image2 outputs
Load typeohmic, inductive, lamp load
Max. output current5 A per channel
Switching current5 A AC/DC (ohmic)/2 A AC/DC (inductive)
Ohmic switching current5 A AC/DC
Inductive switching current2 A AC/DC
Minimum permitted load10 mA at 5 V DC
Lamp test, electronic ballastmax. 5 A starting current (4 x 58 W)
Electrical isolation500 V (K-bus/field potential)
Current consumption power contacts
Current consumption K-bustyp. 85 mA
Nominal voltage230 V AC/30 V DC
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