The name necklace trend wasratherwell-known in the 80s.

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The name necklace trend wasratherwell-known in the 80s.

If you were from that time, you may possibly know that. Plus, it is much popular now.

It really comes with a historic background, involving the fact of African-American being slaves and they were given biblical for first names and took the last names from their masters. To understand the significance of name necklaces, we ought to know exactly what names mean to the African-American local community.

However, the name necklacehas become a hugetendency in the fashion industry and you could find lots of people, such as celebrities, who used to wear a large, glistening, gold chainwith their name on.

Probably you have heard of some celebritieswho are really into this special name necklace thing,for example, Madonna, Rihanna, Kim Kadarshian, etc. but lots of peoplegenuinely think that Sarah Jessica Parker is the iconic one among those celebrities who love name necklaces.

Because Sarah, who performed Carrie Bradshaw, is well-known for wearing her character “Carrie” name necklacein the series named “Sex and the City”, broadcasted from 1998 on HBO.

If you look for her name on Google, you might discover a lot of articles related to the series, and many more articles mentioned her character‘s name necklace that become an inspiration todifferent women and girls to get their own name necklace

Sarah turned the name necklaceto a trend again, and better, they were popular in the fashion world for years. Some even considered the name necklace as the Carrie name necklace.

Each and every ladyjust cannot resist getting a necklace with hername on it. It was a big deal to truly own a name necklace in your wardrobe at that time, of course. Some was gone crazy for these name necklaces back in the 1980s and right up until today.

Many expressed their sadness because of not being able to own a name necklace back when it hit hugely in the 1980s but they are so happy when they know they can get it now, less difficultand much cheaper than they could remember, and the 925 sterling silverwhich is used to make the necklace is safe for the skin.

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The name necklace has additionally become a meaningful gift to your lover, family or friends on special dayssuch as birthdays, weddings...

Most of us understandthat a lot of women love jewelry. But these days, handmadeand personalized jewelry are somewhat more preferable in comparison to luxury jewelry sets from famous brands.

The reason may be people love to express themselves more nowadays. And customized jewelrysimply meets their needs.

There is a saying that handmade jewelryincludes its own charm and beauty.

Some might agree with this.

As people believe that it contains and delivers stories and honest emotions that are full of love.

Therefore, a lot of people have continuously chosen these name necklaces as special gifts for their loved ones on any special occasions.

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Now, you could wonder regarding the purchase price. Customized products undoubtedly costs more because it takes longer and harder work to finish a piece of name necklace jewelry.

You may select and have your necklace done in silver, gold-plated or rose gold-plated. The necklace length also varies and don’t forget the most important part which is you can customize it by using different letter fonts or even personalize it with your own handwriting.But I must say they are less expensive now, with qualified materialsused in the process, which is 925 sterling silver as mentioned above. But that doesn’t meanthe options are limited or not notable.

Visit the shop without hesitation to own your custom jewelry today. Nothing describes your personality greater than a handmade product, which in this case is the personalized necklace.

Next, if you don’t like a necklace that is fine because you can get a name ring, ora name bracelet, etc. Or you could get them all if you love personalized jewelry.

You can say that these personalized jewelry could barely become old-fashioned. Why?


It matches perfectly with any outfits.

It is personalized.

It is used to express yourself to the world.

It can contain meanings, stories that somedayyou might tell someone.

It is cheap. You can check it out.

And many celebrities are in love with this name necklace.

You may see some news and come across Katie Holmes, wearing her daughter’s name necklace; or Charlize Theron, even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton – as a way to express their love and to say the whole world that they honor to have their kids.

Well, a mother can buy her children name necklace to wear and honor their kids, while her children may want to have their nickname on necklace. Lots of people have cute nicknames, right. It could be a mother-daughter matching necklace, and it is not lame in any way.

Almost All of Us Understand that in the 21st century, people are more aware of personality and uniqueness. This really is the reason why custom products are becoming much more popular. Since it gets people to show their personality.

In short, it is a one-of-a-kind product.

We have been talking about celebrities that love this special name necklace, and some reasons why it is considered as a distinctive gift for special people. This one-of-a-kind product has been popular for ages and it is not likely to be old-fashioned soon.

The my name necklace, the customized necklace that you could make by yourself (or by order one online) is a great idea of gifts for the person you love.

When someone gives you a name necklace, you’re aware that you have a beautiful name that everyone adores.

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