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Sand Portrait are an ideal way to create unique keep sake for families. They can record a special memory, a much loved family pet or preserve a memory for the fisherman or hunter in your family.Portraits can be created in any size, to suit your home or budget. Some of the portraits have been created with only black and dark grey sand, where only the significant features of the face are captured, which gives the portrait a “modern art” look.
​Sand art is the creation of images, pictures, or designs in a bottle or even boxed glass frames made from different colors of sand . These images, pictures, and designs are all done using only one main "instrument" it is a simple funnel. With some skill, patience, and a steady hand equipped with creativity, layer by layer the product is always a one of a kind.
​Colored Sand : Our sand is a very fine sand that is imported from Jordan this sand is washed graded and purified before it is colored with permanent colors Our sand for the sand art is grade A which gives you a fantastic finish and a steady flow in the funnel.

Note we mainly supply ultra fine sand suitable for serious art projects and can be an expensive option for kids sand art craft.
​Glass Vase : We manufacture our handmade glass vase in Vietnam in a variety of sizes and shapes to match your needs.

You can have it as business gift , holiday decoration gift , home decoration gift ,souvenir and wedding giveaway gift. So beautiful sand bottle gift for all occasions and all people . also, it is awesome as Gift sets , souvenir gift , Sand painting portrait, Handmade craft , natural gift , Wedding gift , promotional item ,corporation gift ,Home decorative vase , home decoration , ceremony gift , sand bottle gift .

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