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Sand Pictures of Vietnam sand painting line is distributed exclusively at Phuong Vy Sand Painting Co., Ltdwith the latest landscape sand pictures to give users the experience of the most vivid paintings country of origin in each picture. But not everyone can do that. So a landscape sand painting in your space so you can see and enjoy every day that is the most reasonable choice.
Landscape sand painting is made of 100% material from the sand in the main frame so it will be durable. A landscape sand painting will be the new highlight that makes a difference in your space.

With the theme of landscape sand painting so you can choose a lot of different paintings such as rice fields, flaming herbs, bamboo, hometown, river, ...
​The cost of a sand painting landscape is not too high compared to other types of decoration but it gives you more material of art that perhaps only sand paintings have.

Landscape sand painting is one of the hard categories because painting is hard to drop into the picture. For artisans at Phuong Vy sand painting shop before starting to paint a picture sand landscape have to learn, look pretty before drawing to be able to grasp the soul in that scene. And when drawing artists care little by little, detailed meticulous detail to bring you the most realistic, vivid pictures.

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