Outdoor events have many advantages such as airy space,

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Outdoor events have many advantages such as airy space, attracting many guests, flexible decoration, ... are becoming the priority choice of units and businesses. But organizing outdoor events will make you extremely tired if not prepared properly. You will need to pay attention when organizing an outdoor event to have a perfect and impressive event. Do not ignore the secret that the following cong ty event will share to you. How events should be organized outdoors There are two types of outdoor events: - Event activities - formal event - team building actives Outdoor events will bring you many advantages: - Unlimited space with huge capacity - Open style, airy, modern, can be arbitrarily decorated - Create comfort and impression for customers Notes when organizing outdoor events License of an outdoor event Let your event take place smoothly, no matter what you do the necessary procedures. First of all, it is a license for outdoor events. Where you can register is the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Besides hanging banners, slogans also need to obtain a license. Car parking area Thoroughly review the venue where you organize the event and choose a venue where guests can attend safely. The parking lot needs to be convenient, safe, preferably with shade and parking staff. You also need to have a copy of the instructions to the car park to avoid getting in the car. Sound and light system Outdoor venues usually include stadiums, parks, beaches

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