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Vietnam is a country full of investment from foreign countries, many foreign businesses and individuals want to open businesses in Vietnam. Also under the Investment Law and free trade agreements between Vietnam and other countries in the region. So what if foreigners want to participate in Vietnam should do?

When a foreigner establishes an organization in Vietnam, there are some points to note as follows:

+ For each investment sector, it will have its own conditions of procedures, capital contribution ratio and documents to be prepared.

+ When establishing a company in Vietnam, foreigners must prove their financial ability to speculate in Vietnam to approve the bank account balance.

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General conditions and procedures to prepare for foreigners to set up units in Vietnam as follows:

+ Notarized passport of foreigner

+ Having financial conditions for the implementation of the project: The foreigner proves the approval of the preparation of the confirmation of the bank account balance or the savings book bearing the name of the investor with corresponding amount of investment in Vietnam.

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