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Linh ChiLinh Chi

17:07 - 09/11/0

Thiết bị cổng kết nối EL5021 - Đại lý phân phối hãng Beckhoff tại Việt Nam giá tốt nhất


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The EL5021 SinCos EtherCAT Terminal serves as interface for the direct connection of a measuring sensor, e.g. a measuring probe with sinusoidal voltage output 1 VPP to the higher-level fieldbus. The measuring signal is processed, interpolated and made available as a 32 bit value. The signal period resolution is 13 bit. The reference mark is also stored in a 32 bit value. The current count and the reference mark value can be read. The input frequency for the measuring signal inputs is 250 kHz. The EL5021 deals with offset, gain and phase error compensation.

Technical dataEL5021 | ES5021
TechnologySinCos encoder interface for differential 1 VPP signal
Number of channels1
Encoder connectionA, A (inv), B, B (inv), C,C (inv)
Encoder operating voltage5 V DC/max. 0.5 A
Countermax. 24 bit
Input frequency250 kHz @ 10 bit (sampling rate 70 MHz)
Commandsset count, evaluate reference mark latch (C/C [inv]), change of direction, frequency control
Distributed clocksyes
Input signal1 VPP
Power supply24 V via power contacts
Current consumption130 mA
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